What is Globcoin ?

Globcoin® Multicurrency Account and Multicurrency Prepaid Mastercard is a platform accessible online or via an App, offering the combination of multicurrency payments. GLOBCOIN® makes your life easier, cheaper and gives you full control when it comes to managing your foreign currency exposure.
Load your account via bank transfer or debit/credit card in the currency of your choice, convert currencies at the interbank rate, spend and withdraw money abroad. We apply no commission and no hidden fees, unlike your traditional bank! GLOBCOIN card is free of charge and without obligation.

How to apply?

The GLOBCOIN Platinum card is exclusively by invitation only. Please contact us to be considered for an invitation. Once you receive your invitation simply apply online at the link provided with the invitation code to activate your account and get an IBAN within 2 minutes.
Your money is safe and funds deposited in a segregated account at one of the leading UK banks.

Multiple currencies

Load up to 6 currencies on the one card. GB Pound £, US Dollar $, EURO €, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar or Polish Zloty. You can load your Globcoin card with debit / credit card or bank transfer using your personal Globcoin IBAN in one of the 6 currencies.

How to exchange currencies?

Connect to the App (iOS / Android) or to Globcoin.com using your unique ID and password.
Swap currencies instantly at interbank rate and lock-in exchange rates before you travel or shop online at international retailers. We apply no foreign exchange commission and there are no hidden fees.

Save on FX fees

¬ FX transactions in GBP, US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Polish Zloty within the E-wallets are all done at interbank rate and free of charge.
¬ Other currencies are converted using the Mastercard rate (very close to interbank rate) with a 1% cost. Everything is transparent, there is no hidden commission. This is still much cheaper than your traditional retail bank (AMEX charge 2.5% commission, VISA FX transaction commissions can range from 2.8% up to 6.5% depending on banks)

Be in control when you travel

You can access your account and lock/unlock your card 24/7 online or via the App.
Top up, transfer funds and view your balance and transactions instantly from anywhere in the world
GLOBCOIN is a prepaid card. You can load a set amount and avoid going over budget.

Need cash while abroad?

You can use your Mastercard GLOBCOIN card in all ATMs with the Mastercard logo worldwide. 1st ATM withdrawal of the month is free, then it’s only 1.50 euro per ATM withdrawal in SEPA zone (i.e. Europe at large)

GLOBCOIN is a platinum card.

How much does it cost?

GLOBCOIN card is free and without obligation.

Expatriates ? Students abroad ?

– You can use your GLOBCOIN card as a local card in the Euro area, the UK, the US, Switzerland, Canada and Poland.
– You can use your personal Globcoin IBAN to receive money on your account.
– You can transfer funds from your bank account abroad onto your Globcoin card and swap your currencies at the best rate.

Business Travellers or Tourists ?

– Your expenses abroad are net of FX fees.
– Withdraw money from ATM at the best rate. Globcoin is accepted anywhere that takes Mastercard
– Use your GLOBCOIN card for local services (e.g. entering your Globcoin Mastercard number on your Uber account)