So you booked your tickets, you did a little research for a suitable itinerary, you loaded your Globcoin multi-currency account and you’re ready to pack your bags (again) for a new destination, with exciting customs and traditions yet to discover.

Sounds exciting; but sometimes, the life of a global nomad can be lonely. You left your inner circle back in your hometown, and even though Skype and Instagram are great ways to stay updated, sometimes all you want is to grab a beer with a like-minded soul and have some real-life contact.

While this may come easy for some; a lot of digital nomads feel lonely, spending too many hours in front of a computer screen with little human interaction, sometimes for days at a time.

Hostels (and the thing about hostels)

Hostels are the easiest way to meet people when you’re travelling. If you’re eager to meet other travellers and tourists, this is the perfect shortcut.

However, hostel life is not for everyone, especially not for digital nomads who need more privacy and a more quiet environment to work. So if you’re looking for other alternatives, keep reading.

Apps for the millennial traveller

Today there are many apps you can use to get in touch with people in the same situation as you, and the best part is you can send an emoji and let it grow from there. Here are some starting points:

Stay with a local

Instead of paying for a hostel you can pay for a room in a local’s apartment with AirBnB or other similar setups. Browse their catalogue and choose to stay with someone who appears to be a good guide to your destination. Who knows! Maybe you’ll end up starting a new friendship.

If you don’t have many especial demands for your accommodation, you could also stay with a host at Couchsurfing. It’s free and it’s an excellent way to get to know a place through the eyes of a local. Just make sure you have enough time to hang out with your host, because a meaningful, cultural exchange is expected!

Mundo Lingo

If you’re lucky to be visiting one of the cities in which Mundo Lingo takes place, go for it! It’s a weekly event to hang out, make international friends and practice languages for free! You put on some stickers representing the language you speak or want to practice, and people can approach you to talk in these languages.

If Mundo Lingo is not in your city, we encourage you to do some research, as there might be something similar going on.

Take a tour or a class

This is usually listed as a tip to meet people in almost every blog. Now, even though it is a good way to meet people; your main reason to take a tour should be to enjoy the place and the reason to take a class would be to learn something you’re curious about, or something that town really excels in . And if you’re lucky to meet like-minded people along the way, then even better!

The most important tip of all 

Enjoy your time and enjoy yourself! Grab a good book and hit the park, go check the local museums, try some street food on the way, and take your camera for a ride downtown. Eventually you’ll cross paths with people who share your interests!

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La carte GLOBCOIN est disponible exclusivement par invitation. Pour demander une invitation, merci de cliquer ici.

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