Global nomads are people whose lifestyle allows them to travel or move around often, for long periods at a time, mostly because their jobs are digital-based and do not depend on a physical location to be carried out (more specifically “digital nomads”). This lifestyle is on the rise and some sources indicate that there will be 1 billion digital nomads in 2035.

Good resources for digital nomads

The essentials

Nomad Stack is like the yellow pages for Digital Nomads. They list every resource you need by category: jobs, events, work spaces, visas, travelling, communities, locations; and a list of blogs, books and movies for inspiration.

One of those resources is precisely one of the most essential tools for a global nomad today: NomadList is a crowdsourced website with comprehensive useful information for modern nomads around the world. You can analyze every city with many filters depending on what you’re looking for: Internet speed, cost of living, racial tolerance, distance to the beach, etc. (just a few examples from MANY filters to apply). Not only that, you can browse remote job offers, connect and chat with other global nomads, read reviews of local cafés or coworking spaces, check flights, etc.

For jobs

Of course Upwork is the most famous choice for freelancers and it should be your starting point. But freelancer not always means “nomad”, so you have other websites who are more specialized like Digital Nomad JobsRemote OK and We Work Remotely.

For Communication

Making communication work across different countries and time zones can be challenging. Sometimes a digital nomad will have several employers, living in different cities and with different work schedules. The first thing you need to do is to get a world clock app (we recommend the Figure it Out Extension for Chrome).

Then you have the classic options like Telegram for chats, and more complete options like Slack that allows you to unify all channels, create different groups, etc. Ideal for working teams.

For workflow

We recommend Evernote for keeping notes in your computer (instead of relying on your old notebook) and Trello where you can organize different projects with boards, lists, notes, etc.  Then you can get other apps like Dropbox for cloud storage. However, don’t underestimate the convenience of Google Apps like Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, etc.


Specially designed for Global Nomads, The Globcoin multi-currency “package” with a debit Mastercard and a personal account + IBAN is the perfect solution for anyone travelling often and looking to save money while managing their money abroad. Not only is it free of charge; you also get foreign exchange at the best rate when you’re paying (it works as a local card), withdrawing or sending money via transfer. Currently available for SEPA residents.

For fun

Couchsurfing will connect you with hundreds of other travellers whatever you are. You can stay at their homes for a few days and experience life as a local; or just meet someone for a drink or a walk; and don’t worry, Duolingo will supply the foreign language basics you need to survive. Nearify and MeetUp will also help you find fun events wherever you are.

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La carte GLOBCOIN est disponible exclusivement par invitation. Pour demander une invitation, merci de cliquer ici.

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