January 11, 2019

How can freelancers deal with exchange rates?

Freelancers represent a powerful workforce today in every country of the world. It is said that almost half of the Millennial generation works freelance. UK alone has 2 million freelancers,…
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December 8, 2018

Best Christmas Destinations to use your Globcoin card

If you’re looking to spend the holidays in a picturesque, charming place: time to put your Globcoin card to good use! These destinations are literally “lit-up” during the most beautiful…
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Hints and Tips
November 18, 2018

The Global Nomad “starter pack”

Global nomads are people whose lifestyle allows them to travel or move around often, for long periods at a time, mostly because their jobs are digital-based and do not depend on…
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movies travel europe
October 14, 2018

Movies to inspire your next adventure in Europe

If you’re trying to plan your next Eurotrip, but you need a hint of inspiration to boost your enthusiasm and creativity - don’t worry, we've got it! Whether it’s a…
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finsum japan
September 24, 2018

GLOBCOIN chosen to represent UK’s fintech industry in Japan

GLOBCOIN  has been selected by the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) to represent UK’s fintech scene in Japan along with other 9 British companies. Our CEO Helie D'Hautefort will…
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estonia digital nomad
Jobs & Employment
September 14, 2018

Estonia: How does the “digital nomad” visa work?

The Estonian government announced this year the launch of a special visa for “digital nomads”. This visa would allow people from around the world whose job / lifestyle is digitally-based…
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August 25, 2018

Non-touristy European cities that are absolutely amazing

What if you go off the beaten track on your next Eurotrip, discovering amazing, less known cities? Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam, Bologna instead of Rome, or Granada rather than Barcelona…
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August 3, 2018

Instagram Calling: The 10 best spots in London for colorful pictures

There is a global myth about London being gloomy and grey. Well, that’s just unfair to the wonders of the British Capital. Rainbows, flowers, unicorns, fruits, candy... If you love…
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study abroad
Hints and Tips
July 17, 2018

Your Handbook To Study Abroad (Part 2)

After making initial preparations with our Handbook to Study Abroad part 1;  let's now focus on the preparations for your exchange as well as some tips once you’re in your…
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Travel Apps 2018
June 29, 2018

Best apps for your trip around Europe in 2018

Is 2018 the year you will finally start your trip around Europe? The amazing technology today makes it easier and faster to plan your perfect journey, without carrying around maps,…
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