Is 2018 the year you will finally start your trip around Europe? The amazing technology today makes it easier and faster to plan your perfect journey, without carrying around maps, compass, dictionaries and a dozen books. Here’s a list of essential apps to start:


Planning ahead

Maybe you’re “seizing the day” and decide to take an immediate break to travel the World. Maybe you’re just more cautious and want to anticipate every detail months in advance. Either way, you’ll need help: Google Trips and Trip by SkyScanner are great apps for general travel planning. TripAdvisor is also available as an app if you want to read reviews of activities, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Booking the best flight

You can now find the most convenient flight at the best fare with almost no effort. The essentials include Google Flights (you can even sign-up for fare alerts); Skyscanner (depending on how flexible you are, you even have an option to search for the cheapest available flight, without choosing a particular destination).

Two other apps that can be useful: Rome2Rio, to search for routes from and to any point on the planet; and FLIO, where you can find your way around any airport in the world (wifi, ATMs, restaurants, etc).

Moving around the city

The two indisputable basics are Uber (but check if it’s available at your destination, sometimes a city has their own app besides Uber that’s more efficient or cheaper) and Google Maps (you can download the map of the city you’re visiting and get offline access everywhere you go). Google Maps shows you real time location, distances and times, whether you’re walking, driving or using public transport.

Sweet dreams wherever you are

The new travel trend is to “sleep like a local”. More and more, people and staying away from hotels and hostels, and looking for an authentic local experience. You can either search for a home sweet home on Airbnb; or find a new friend to host you with CouchSurfing.

Your wallet  guardian angel

You need to take care of your finances when you’re out there. GLOBCOIN is the perfect solution for anyone looking to save money when travelling. You can open an account, get a card and take it with you on your trip: the GLOBCOIN app lets you exchange and transfer your money wherever you are, at the best rate. And you can easily verify this with the XE currency app (another travel basic).


All set – Bon Voyage !

La carte GLOBCOIN est disponible exclusivement par invitation. Pour demander une invitation, merci de cliquer ici.

La carte GLOBCOIN est disponible exclusivement par invitation. Pour demander une invitation, merci de cliquer ici.

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