Did you know that Africa is the only region in the world where the youth population is increasing? According to the Goalkeepers report from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Africa’s young population (aged between 0 and 24) will increase by nearly 50% and in 2050, the continent will have the largest number of young people, almost twice the young population of South Asia and Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Oceania.

Such figures reflect how important it is to ensure a range of opportunities for the young population, as well as investing in their education and integration in the modern world. Africa is full of talent and human potential, but these promising citizens need the right tools to face the world as it is today. 

How do you prioritise educational funding in Africa when the youth population is estimated to increase by 42% over the next decade? – “Scenarios for Africa’s digital future”, Cenfri.

Is digital the answer?

There are many factors that will influence the future of African population in the future. Along with climate change and employment; the development of technology and digital platforms play a vital role here. Young people will need the necessary skills to face today’s work demands, it’s not enough that some try to learn digital skills by themselves when (or if) they have Internet access and a computer. That’s why it’s important to prioritize educational funding: they deserve quality education and help with opening doors to employment. 

Can you help if you’re not in Africa?

Yes! There are several ways in which you can get involved:

    1. GIVE. Learning Lions is a non-profit organization based in Kenya, helping young adults in rural areas of Africa to acquire business, IT and media skills; thus achieving economic independence and even become entrepreneurs. They are amongst the very first charities in Africa to accept donations in cryptocurrency: they are taking donations in GLX Stablecoin, which provides transparency, traceability of the funds, and more convenient transaction conditions. Donate here: learninglions.org/donate
    2. TRUST. Learning Lions graduates work as trainees for “Digital Lions“, their fair-trade IT-outsourcing agency. Here, they work with international customers and gather experience. Hire them to do the logo for your startup or project! Check their portfolio here: digitallions.co/
    3. CONNECT. There is an ongoing campaign for the organization to raise funds in GLX, which will be used for training and building: to welcome more students in the Basic and Advanced Training, as well as building their Turkana Campus. Share with your family, friends and your network! Join the cause and feel welcome to repost!

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