The world is changing fast and society has new demands. New technologies are revolutionizing our lifestyle, creating new industries and thus, new jobs to be filled with talented and promising professionals. If you’re a pro in one of the following, you’re in luck! You’re likely to get a job really fast. If you’re just looking for your next career step, reading this list is a good place to start.



It’s a fact: Jobs related to IT, tech, computers and mathematics will grow. Companies will need to fill 255,400 application software developer positions by 2026 according to CNBC.

Data Science / Data Analysis

LinkedIn lists this profession as the 8th hottest job for 2018 and it will become increasingly more important in all industries.


Construction worker, Construction Manager, Construction Estimator, Plumbing Engineer, Project Architect… Demand for all kinds of construction professionals is expected to increase.

Marketing and Sales

As technology advances, so does the need for having a skilled intermediary who can explain and facilitate new products and services to people. This also leads to the need for more specialized sales and communication representatives, so don’t stop updating your knowledge base! According to Linkedin, sales development representatives specifically have grown 5.7 times over in the last five years.

Special: “The show must go on” in France

Being the World’s most visited country, it’s not a surprise that most demanded jobs are in the tourism / service area, followed by a 13.5% of jobs in industry and agriculture, the majority of which are based in Northern and Eastern France, according to Movehub. If you’re an expat looking for a job in France, you will have the best chances in Paris and the nearby suburbs. Please note that there is an increasing demand for language skills outside Paris.

Most popular vacancies include: Winegrowers and farmers, waiters and restaurant workers, maintenance, domestic and community workers; musicians and dancers.

A few numbers in Europe:

These are some job statistics in Europe according to EURES:

Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are countries with a lot of job opportunities. Most popular positions include waiter / waitress, administrative assistant, language teacher, hotel receptionist, architects; and once again tech jobs such as IT project manager and Software programmer. English is widely requested… but watch out for German too. Might be a good time to start learning!

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