There are already numerous articles talking about the big technology breakthroughs expected in 2019. Metal 3D printers, Blockchain-ization, massive cloud adoption… but what are the simple things around you, that you can actually expect to be different this year?

Faster, better Internet

2019 will be the year of 5G. This means really fast, high-volume data transfer and communications. You can expect this to change small day-to-day things like downloading a high-resolution movie in seconds or better video-calls with your parents. We will also have new, diverse and versatile apps in everyday devices like smartphones or tablets. Personal computers are on the game too: After a partnership between Intel, Lenovo, HP and Dell; 5G laptops will be available in 2019.

Cash loses ground to mobile payments

Cash is not going to disappear, but we might see less of it. Electronic payments and international cards are already a step forward, but they will become more and more convenient through mobile technology. 2019 will be all about online transactions via wireless electronic devices, partly thanks to the G5 technology we mentioned before. Paying for simple things like coffee using your smartphone (Starbucks already has its own payment app, for example) will become “normal”.

Working from home

More and more companies are taking the home-office route. This has been evident in the last years for IT or marketing jobs, but now we will see it more and more in other fields. Especially start-ups will work with 100% remote teams, and the more traditional companies will start allowing their employees to work from home at least once a week. Multiples studies confirm that this increases productivity and motivation in the team.

2019 may not be the year we finally see flying cars, but it definitely seems like the world is becoming a big community of global citizens. It’s a good thing we at Globcoin are prepared to bring solutions to suit this demanding lifestyle. Stay tuned!

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